MBSS Fireworks

MBSS Fireworks 2.2

Fireworks Screen Saver

MBSS Fireworks is a 3D fireworks simulation screen saver that you can use for your desktop. The program lets you have a complete fireworks show with hue transitions, different burst styles, atmospheric conditions, gravity and more.

MBSS Fireworks displays photo-realistic fireworks in real-time, giving you a beautiful light and color show with audio background. The screensaver also plays background music once your computer becomes idle.

Download of the product includes the following files: MBSS Fireworks Screen Saver file, MBSS ReadMe text file, MBSS MBSSM6. DLL (math engine), MBSS Online Help file and sound effect files.

The product comes with an online help file to help you know more about the product. Overall, MBSS Fireworks is easy to use and a delightful view for your desktop to replace default screensavers.